Cirku La Putyka



Noise and sound. Rush and melody. Rhythm and voice. Solo and accompaniment. They meet, and they depart. Alone, and yet together. >>

Length: 65 min Suitable for children: 7 years Premiere: 11. 2. 2019

Don't Quijote


Length: 75 min Suitable for children: 10 years Premiere: 1. 10. 2019


Honey is a love story based on true events. Performed by two companies as distant in artistic expression as possible. It is this difference that lured them into the collaboration, this desire to merge the two completely different poetics. Dejvické Theatre meets Cirk La Putyka. Directed by Miroslav Krobot >>

Length: 90 min Suitable for children: 15 years Premiere: 12. 11. 2017


Contemporary circus grotesque, poem, painting as well as dark fury >>

Length: 75 min Suitable for children: 8 years Premiere: 21. 10. 2018

Black Black Woods

“Jozef Fruček asked me if show that I want to produce, shall enjoy a success in Prague, or show, which shall infringe limits of the present performance art in general. Guess, what was my answer.” – Rostislav Novák Jr. >>

Length: 270 min Suitable for children: 13 years Premiere: 22. 9. 2016


We are looking for fresh acrobatic blood as well as for other artists who are interested in participating in Cirk La Putyka's projects. >>

Length: min Suitable for children: years

La Putyka

Forceful and funny, powerful and poetic, La Putyka explores Czech pub culture through glazed eyes and beery breath... This energising, intensely vibrant spectacle fuses acrobatics, dance, theatre, puppets and live music into original contemporary circus that wins awards. >>

Length: 75 min Suitable for children: 7 years Premiere: 21. 4. 2009

Slapstick Sonata

Slapstick Sonata is a performance bringing together Mozart's sonatas with slapstick comedy from silent film era creating a very literal combination of high art and popular culture. Visual poetry meets absurd physical comedy and contemporary circus expression. >>

Length: 75 min Suitable for children: 7 years Premiere: 22. 02. 2012


Nowadays the word biograph (also nickelodeon) is slowly disappearing from dictionaries, as well as there are less old movie theaters in cities and suburbs. With this performance we want to bring back the atmosphere of black and white silent films accompanied by a single pianist, a snack-brea and lots of wonderful heroes. Large, small, invisible, imaginative, haunting, thanks to the many years that had passed since their birth, alco delicate and unique. >>

Length: 60 min Suitable for children: 6 years Premiere: 9. 1. 2016


Batacchio is bound to charm you with the ambiance of ancient shows, loaded with magic tricks, breathtaking acrobatics and humour. Please welcome on stage seven acrobats and actors in an original fusion of contemporary circus and disciplines you will hardly ever get the chance to see on stage these days. >>

Length: 70 min Suitable for children: 8 years Premiere: 12. 5. 2017


The performance Airground is about the path to independence and playing with gravity. 

Come experience the sense of rising and falling in a touching story that mixes the circus arts (aerial acrobatics, acro-yoga and more) with live music and elements of dance and movement theatre. >>

Length: 55 min Suitable for children: 7 years Premiere: 2. 2. 2014

Up End Down

The show tells the story of a man living uniquely with his memories. He lives through his flights and falls but is unable to break free from the luggage he carries in himself to live in a relaxed and liberated way. UP END DOWN is looking at the journey from birth to death, the journey from the earth to the heaven and back through the prism of our fantasy. >>

Length: 75 min Suitable for children: 10 years Premiere: 19. 12. 2010

Up End Down Symphony

The cult show in a unique performance, accompanied by the Film Philharmonic Orchestra >>

Length: 75 min Suitable for children: 10 years

St. Nicholas and His Companions at Jatka78

Flying angels, jumping devils and glowing St. Nicolas. >>

Length: 20 min Suitable for children: 2 years Premiere: 5/12/2015

Memories of Fools

A story of a little boy and his big dream of becoming an astronaut. He gets on an adventurous mission to salvage the memories of humankind, imprints of human existence and its history, before they are deleted. >>

Length: 110 min Suitable for children: 6 years Premiere: 14. 3. 2019

In Berlin until August!

Our latest premiere, Memories of Fools, until August in the beautiful Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin. In case you are around, come to see it, shows are everyday except of Mondays!

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