Cirku La Putyka
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Noise and sound. Rush and melody. Rhythm and voice. Solo and accompaniment. They meet, and they depart. Alone, and yet together. Like musicians, dancers and acrobats in Isole. Even in music, they discover circus approaches, the melodies and rhythms develop under their arms and legs, not only thanks to virtuosity with musical instruments, but also through movement, action and reaction, co-operation, choreography. What can music, an integral part of the poetics of Cirk La Putyka, mean and express on the stage? And how it also can be created?


Crew and cast

Director:Maksim Komaro
Cast:Jan Balcar, Andrej Rády, David Hlaváč / Adam Novotný, Veronika Linhartová, Valentin Verdure, Zbyněk Šporc, Anna Schmidtmajerová
Music:Jan Balcar, David Hlaváč, Veronika Linhartová & others
Set design:Pavla Kamanová
Lighting design:Juho Rahijärvi
Sound design:Jan Středa
Costumes & make-up:Kristina Záveská
Graphic design:Martin Sršeň, Jakub Jelen
Photo:Miloš Šálek
Production:David Ostružár

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