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During childhood, our best friends are dolls, teddy bears or toy soldiers. They are our path to the world of fantasy, a source of comfort when we don’t feel well, and the only ones who truly understand us. They travel with us all over the world; they are our confidantes! In the past, dolls were a link between man and nature. People attributed dolls with supernatural abilities. Later, people began to use dolls as toys – at first, they worked with simple, abstract designs; but with time, they aimed for an ever-­‐ greater precision and realistic representation of people. Today, dolls are not just a replica of mankind, but represent his ideal – an ideal that children try to emulate. The main themes of Dolls are relationships and playfulness, a multi-­‐genre search for a new form of theatre within contemporary art: Dolls as a path to ritual and nature! Dolls as a path to fantasy!
Dolls as a substitute for reality! Dolls as illusion!
Dolls and people – another evolutionary stage of mankind? The project, inspired by the tradition of Matěj Kopecký’s (direction, scenography) puppet "clan", searches for new approaches to working with the object, and explores the relationship between new circus and puppetry, freedom and restriction, reality and illusion.

Crew and cast

Concept, direction:Rostislav Novák
Choreography:Josef Fruček, Linda Kapetanea
Scenography:Jakub Kopecký
Music:Jan Balcar, Jindřich Čížek and Vassilis Mantzoukis
Costumes, make up:Kristina Nováková Záveská
Producer:Cirk La Putyka
Technical support:Mathieu Grégoire
Cast:Bellina Sörensson, Josa Kölbel, Coline Mazurek, Valentin Verdure, Iesu Escalante
Producer:Cirk La Putyka
Co-producers:Uffo - Společenské centrum Trutnovska pro kulturu a volný čas, Archaos - CREAC de Marseille, Pôle National Des Arts Du Cirque Méditerranée, CARE Circus Art Research Exchange

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