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Nowadays the word biograph (also nickelodeon) is slowly disappearing from dictionaries, as well as there are less old movie theaters in cities and suburbs. With this performance we want to bring back the atmosphere of black and white silent films accompanied by a single pianist, a snack-brea and lots of wonderful heroes. Large, small, invisible, imaginative, haunting, thanks to the many years that had passed since their birth, alco delicate and unique.

This is the basis of our story - a unique meeting of the yesterday's movie heroes. And who could be a better guide than someone who has not left his biograph to the present day. Partly director, partly ticket ripper, partly projectionist, partly selling popcorn, but also an old friend of the now forgotten heroes of the silver screen. And all that at once!

Take a journey with us to the times when cinema was still a biograph, when it was silent, black and white, but when it still was a wonderful place where you could have a fear like today, you could laugh, cry or kiss secretly in the dark.

Nickelodeon is intended for cinema lovers of all ages. And is completely non-flammable.

Crew and cast

Concept, direction:Marek Zákostelecký, Jiří Kohout, František Karel Tománek
Cast:Jiří Kohout, Jan Čtvrtník
Movement collaboration:Michael Vodenka
Music:Vráťa Šrámek, Jan Čtvrtník
Video:Jakub Jelen
Lighting design:Jan Mlčoch
Sound design:Jan Středa
PR:Klára Havlíčková
Production:Cirk La Putyka, Jan Hanyš, Tereza Dvořáčková

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