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Batacchio draws inspiration from the poetics of ancient theatre companies that used to wander around the country, presenting a curious pastiche of the most diverse skills. From circus numbers to theatre sketches and music acts, from what then seemed like cutting-edge technology to anatomic anomaly of both humans and animals.
Next show: 19. 10. 2019, 19:30
Length: 70 min Suitable for children: 8 years Premiere: 12. 5. 2017


Batacchio is bound to charm you with the ambiance of ancient shows, loaded with magic tricks, breathtaking acrobatics and humour. Please welcome on stage seven acrobats and actors in an original fusion of contemporary circus and disciplines you will hardly ever get the chance to see on stage these days.

Directed by Maksim Komaro, the Finnish director who has collaborated on La Putyka’s Slapstick Sonata and Play.

Crew and cast

Direction:Maksim Komaro
Cast:Šárka Bočková, Michal Boltnar, Vojtěch Fülep, Daniel Komarov, Anna Schmidtmajerová, Alexandr Volný, Jiří Weissmann
Choreography:Ilona Jäntti
Set design:Hynek Dřízhal
Costumes & make-up:Kristina Záveská
Music:Jan Balcar
Lighting design:Jan Mlčoch
Sound design:Jan Středa
Rigging, technician:Jonáš Tichý
Graphic design:Martin Sršeň
Photo:Tomáš Třeštík
Trailer:Jakub Jelen
Production:David Ostružár
Producer:Cirk La Putyka

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