Acrobatics courses

Contemporary circus for all!

Cirk La Putyka Studio is an educational project of our company in which we organise sporting and leisure activities for children and youth, coaching and artistic development of young acrobats, senior circus with Elpida and, last but not least, regular education of instructors.


Courses for the public

Acrobatics courses for the public are held regularly once a week in the Jatka78 training hall. The programme is divided into several classes according to the age of participants (3-5, 5-8, 9-12, 13+), and the last lesson is open space, where there is space for everyone, and there is an assumption of a certain specialisation and at least a slightly advanced level in the specific discipline. The courses are held from September to June and are divided into two terms, winter and summer. The lessons are taught by experienced tutors, more than half of whom perform actively in productions of the company.

How to enrol

Under the gallery of photographs you will find an overview of the individual courses. If we have availability in them, you will see the button “Enrol” on the relevant card. If the button is absent, it means that they are full. For more information write to

General terms and conditions can be read here.

Year 2021/2022

The current year consists of two terms, from 5 September 2022 until 26 June 2023. The lessons are always held on Monday at the specified times (with the exception of state holidays). We have opened a total of five circus classes.

Winter term: 5 September 2022 to 30 January 2023
Summer term: 6 February to 26 June 2023
Graduation show: To be announced

3–5 years

Circus nursery

In this course we teach the youngest children the basic motor skills and how to overcome simple obstacles through play and using circus educational techniques.

Mon. 12.30–13.15 & 13.30–14.15

CZK 3,150 / term

5–8 years

Fundamentals of gymnastics and acrobatics through play

In this course children learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and acrobatics. Lessons are taught through play and divided into two parts. The first focuses on exercise for correct posture, development of coordination and dexterity, and the second focuses on individual disciplines such as juggling, jumping on large trampoline and aerial acrobatics on silks and trapeze.

Mon. 14.30–15.45

CZK 4,450 / term

9–12 years

Floor and aerial acrobatics, trampoline and juggling

In this course children focus on the individual circus disciplines, such as jumping on trampoline, floor acrobatics, aerial acrobatics and juggling. This is a comprehensive set of basic skills in addition to group exercise to develop cooperation within a collective or in smaller groups.

Mon. 16.00–17.30

CZK 4,450 / term

13+ years

Floor and aerial acrobatics, trampoline, teeterboard and juggling

Course for slightly advanced participants with broad range of circus disciplines for individuals and groups. In this class we add more demanding techniques to the category of disciplines, such as teeterboard, various types of aerial acrobatics (rope, ring, trapeze) or pair acrobatics (acro yoga, hand to hand, icarian games).

Mon. 18.00–19.30

CZK 4,750 / term