Generational changes of the family table

  • 80 min.
  • From 9 years
  • partly Czech
  • Premiere 14. 10. 2015

I was sitting alone by my tiny table, drawing, and feeling very nervous and full of expectations, wandering what shall I be possibly given. And, than it happened. All of them came to my little room bringing a tiny packet and I knew – that’s it – my harmonica. I blew the six candles out and … There was no one at the table. Birth, love, marriage, divorce, aging. A look at the changes in family life through the poetic optics of new circus and theatrical language.

The largest project in the hitherto history of Cirk La Putyka. Everybody who had even walked through the company over the previous six years was invited by Rostislav Novák Jr. to cooperate and work together and to explore the turbulent development of family as a phenomenon. This cooperation resulted in a new circus work interconnecting more than twenty artists of several generations and nationalities including parents of Rosťa and his sons Matyáš and Šimon. The show was the first part of trilogy Family Roots in Black Black Woods. The performance was created as part of the project "Všechna čest" ("all honour").

"The performance transmits a range of sensations, from the most subtle to the harsh, that primarily attack the personal experience. Twice as fascinating is the complex, where you can feel the good coordination and mutual devotion of all artists. With this production, the ensemble of Cirk La Putyka is transformed into a symbol of a family."

– Barbora Čiháková (Aktuálně.cz)

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  • Concept, direction Rostislav Novák Jr.
  • Music Jan Balcar, Veronika Linhartová, Andrej Rády
  • Choreography Thomas Steyaert
  • Technical supervision Mathieu Grégoire
  • Set design Hynek Dřízhal
  • Lighting design Ondřej Kyncl
  • Sound design Jan Středa
  • Costumes, make-up Kristina Záveská
  • Hair styling Jan Balcařík, Lenka Habartová
  • Photo Pavel Hejný, Jakub Jelen
  • Video Jakub Jelen
  • Graphic design Martin Sršeň (Vosa)
  • Production Cirk La Putyka

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