Up End Down

Contemporary circus poem about people and angels

  • 75 min.
  • From 10 years
  • Czech
  • Premiere 19. 12. 2010

A story of a man living uniquely with his memories. He lives through his flights and falls but is unable to break free from the luggage of memories he carries to live in a relaxed and liberated way. Sometimes everyone thinks about what follows, when that "ultimate moment" occurs. How does it look like and what's next? Up End Down looks at the journey from birth to death, from the earth to the heaven and back through the prism of our fantasy. A crossroads between two streets, heaven and earth, the memories and the present, smile and tears, taking off and falling. A crossroads of genres.

The performance was created in 2010 as the second production of the ensemble. Actors, acrobats, and dancers mastered new disciplines (aerial acrobatics, teeterboard) and after the success of La Putyka, company met the high expectations of the theatre public. The company confirmed it's ability to combine drama with new circus and surprised with the art shape and set design ideally set for the space of La Fabrika, Prague..


2010 – Divadelní noviny award (production of the year in dance & ballet)

2012 – Skupa's Pilsen festival award (costumes, sound design)

2018 – Student jury award at Young for Young festival, Most

"This new circus poem about people and angels leaves everything Novák has produced so far several light years behind."

– Tereza Spáčilová (iDNES.cz)

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  • Concept, direction Rostislav Novák Jr.
  • Dramaturgy Rostislav Novák Jr., Rostislav Novák Sr., Alexandr Minajev, Vojtěch Fülep
  • Music Vojtěch Dyk, Jan Maxián, Jakub Prachař
  • Collaboration Jaroslav Boltnar, Bonaventure Gacon, Daniel Gulko, Tomáš Měcháček, Alexandr Minajev, Stéphanie N’Duhirahe, SKUTR (Martin Kukučka, Lukáš Trpišovský)
  • Choreography Vojtěch Fülep, Petr Horníček, Rostislav Novák Jr., Anna John Schmidtmajerová, Tereza Toběrná, Lenka Vagnerová, Jiří Weissmann
  • Set design Hynek Dřízhal
  • Lighting design Ondřej Kyncl, Jan Mlčoch
  • Sound design Petr Kaláb, Robert Matoušek, Jan Maxián
  • Costumes, make-up Kristina Záveská
  • Hair styling Jan Balcařík, Lenka Habartová
  • Photo Pavel Kolský
  • Video Matúš Mišák
  • Graphic design Martin Sršeň (Vosa)
  • Production Cirk La Putyka

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