There are six of them, but they play twelve instruments.

  • 80 min.
  • From 10 years
  • English
  • Premiere 19. 12. 2021

They were weaned from the Prague club scene and grew up in the new circus cage of Cirk La Putyka. Now they come out to swallow you with their melodies and rhythms not only from the performances that conquered the world.

From 2021, the CLPBND performs independently at music festivals and private events with its own repertoire, which was created for the productions of Cirk La Putyka.

Listen to the current work of the band on Spotify or buy one of the released CDs.

Shows & Tickets

Not on stage at present.

Current shows



  • Music and lyrics Jan Balcar, Andrej Rády, Veronika Linhartová, Anna John Schmidtmajerová, Adam Novotný, Matouš Holienčin
  • Sound design Jan Středa, Jan Mikšátko
  • Producer Cirk La Putyka

On stage