BOOM vol. 1

Czech Republic and Ukraine connected with circus art

  • 80 min.
  • From 6 years
  • Czech and Ukrainian
  • Premiere 22. 3. 2022

Young acrobats from Cirk La Putyka (so called Young Bloods) and students from Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Art for the first time on one stage. We learn to talk. We learn to live together. We try to understand each other. We look at each other and we just think of a lot of things. We know each other without the help of technology. We need time, empathy, emotions, movement, sound. Come and see how we met and what we have experienced on both sides.

This autumn we will premiere a new play BOOM in direction of Rostislav Novák jr. It will focus on a young generation berween 14 to 32 years old, which is also the age range of our Young Bloods. A few weeks ago we started to rehearse and analyze what are their dreams and values, if they really live with electronic devices sticked to their hands, or it is just a fake appearance. Can we grab their attention? And if so, how? The explosion of one generation that will go through common experience, shared emotions, and thus will offer insight not only into their lives, but also in ours, into functioning of current world and life from its beginning.

However, on 24th February another explosion happened. The war of Ukraine has begun and also for us the world stopped and we started to think how and whom we can help. The result is there are 20 students of Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Art here with us. They live and rehearse wih us, we take care of them and we enrich ourselves. Our research of young generation thus got a new dimension. Come to see a sneak peek of a new performance and join us on a new road that we are taking together.

After the performance there will be a discussion.

The profit from this performance will be used for support of our Ukrainian students. To maximize the support we offer the increased admission fee apart from basic admission fee. You can contribute also at

Thank you for your support!

„Young circus generations connected with one stage, one event, one moment. Current times brought us to this encounter.”

- Rosťa Novák jr. (Cirk La Putyka)

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  • Concept, direction Rostislav Novák Jr.
  • Dramaturgy Rostislav Novák Jr.
  • Costumes, make-up Kristina Záveská
  • Photo Pavlína Saudková, Karel Cudlín
  • Production Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78
  • Light design Lukáš Brinda

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