An exceptional experience!


An exceptional experience from the front row and the backstage

We live and breathe new circus, both on stage and behind the scenes. Come and see for yourself thanks to the special Meet&Greet ticket.

You will see what remains hidden to others - the legendary "circuit" before the show – the backstage and training facilities of Jatka78. You will be the first to comfortably take your seat and observe the acrobats' final moments of concentration before the doors open to the crowd. The theatre director or one of the ensemble members will be your guide. You can ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask and find out about the nearest future of Cirk La Putyka.

In addition to the good feeling of patronage, the price of the Meet&Greet ticket (2.990 CZK) covers your car park, refreshment, and priority service at the dressing room and the bar. Experience Jatka78 as an insider and take home a valuable gift.

Be more than a spectator. Become our partner.

On purchasing your ticket, you will be contacted by us in person with details.

We look forward to meeting you!


Cirk La Putyka: Senses

SAT 23/9 · 15.00
TUE 24/10 · 19.30

Cirk La Putyka: Runners

WED 27/9 · 19.30

Cirk La Putyka: K

WED 4/10 · 19.30
TUE 14/11 · 19.30

Cirk La Putyka: BOOM vol. 2

SUN 29/10 · 18.00

Cirk La Putyka: R.I.E.

FRI 8/12 · 19.30
THU 14/12 · 19.30