Circus expedition into the life of insects.

  • 50-55 min.
  • From 6 years
  • Czech
  • Premiere 18. 6. 2022

There is always one idea at the beginning of our work, in this case it was an image. Microscopic view of the world of insects. And in this microworld we discover an inexhaustible number of characters and stories. Chirping and swarming.

It would be strange not to touch on the piece of the Čapek brothers. Another inspiration are the students themselves. We describe this world of insects mainly by what we like best – the motion.

The whole performance is accompanied by live music and several guests from the ranks of musicians, actors and professional acrobats will take part in the creation.

The transformation of a larva into a butterfly, the irony of mayfly life or the dressage of a flea circus.

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  • Concept and direction Daniel Komarov
  • Choreografie Denisa Komarov Kubášová
  • Set Design Rozálie Mlčochová
  • Inscenace vzniká za podpory rodičů všech dětí, které k nám pravidelně docházejí a vybraly si cirkus jako svou realizaci ve volném čase.

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